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Industry challenges

The pharmaceutical ecosystem is currently facing three challenges we would like to overcome:

Talent shortage

The industry is currently in need for more talents: by making pharmaceutical devices accessible and vulgarizing them, we aim to highlight the different opportunities this sector can offer.

Exponential production of knowledge

This adaptable solution is supported by academic research on VR-learning's benefits and limits, and the wish to constantly improve our model.

Knowledge sharing

A learning cycle complementary to the solution has been developed and aims to enhance the sharing of new knowledge through lifelong learning.

Sweet Flow

Sweet Flow Solution

Alongside the VR-training, an immersive learning cycle has been developed to enhance the knowledge acquisition through The Pharmaverse.

This innovative solution is being supported by academic research and going through a testing-phase to confirm its effects. 

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A first emotional-based immersion in

the virtual environment.


Phase of reverse pedagogy where collective intelligence tools are used.



Second period of immersion with further explanations and visual indicators.


User case


As a proof of concept, we developed in collaboration with the MiiL (Media Innovation and Intelligibility Lab, UCLouvain) a training explaining the bacterial fermentation process. This project draws its strength from the spatialization of pharmaceutical expertise and the will to allow the learner to discover the subject from a whole new perspective. 

This process undergoes an ongoing research phase and a testing phase (both regarding user experience and knowledge retention efficiency), to confirm the positive effects of VR-training and of our Sweet Flow Solution. 

Bacterial fermentation process

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